BOC Icon Please note: The Application for Certificate of Use and Occupancy MUST be filed at least 30 days prior to settlement. If the sale of property has been terminated for any reason, the Township of Haverford must be notified.

Use & Occupancy Inspection Requirements

The checklist below is provided to assist property owners, realtors and agents in anticipating the items which must be brought into compliance with the requirements of Ordinance 2532 & 2625-2011 & 2013 and the International Property Maintenance Code 2018, reference therein, prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Use and Occupancy. This is NOT a substitute for the appropriate documents, nor is it all inclusive. It should however serve as a guide to help owners prepare properties for sale.

  • House Numbers:
  • Must be at least 4 inches (4") high, clearly visible from the street, with sufficient contrast so as to be easily read in inclement weather and at night.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors:
  • Are to be installed in the hallway on any floor wherever bedrooms are.

  • Smoke Detectors:
  • At least one per level, including attics if stair access is present, and at least one per sleeping unit. Detectors must be mounted inside sleeping area.

  • Sump Pumps & Floor Drains:
  • Any sump pump or floor drain connected to the public sanitary sewer system must be disconnected and discharged to the outside of property without causing an icing condition on a public right of way.

  • Backwater Valve:
  • Any plumbing fixture located below street level and connected to the public sanitary sewer system must have a backwater valve installed.

    Backwater Valve Information

  • Sidewalks:
  • The seller of the property shall replace any sidewalk and walkway segment or sections which contain structural cracks (a crack that is entirely though the concrete) or have a deviation in elevation between blocks in excess of ¾ inches or have a substantial defect.

  • Curb Replacement:
  • The sellers of real property in the Township shall replace any curb, curb segment or curb section that: contains structural cracks or structural defects; or has a deviation in elevation between curb segments or sections in excess of ¾ inch, or has deteriorated or has a reveal of less than three inches (3") as measured from the road surfaces to the top of the curb.

    **All curbs requiring replacement under this Section shall be replaced with a new curb:

    • Constructed at the reveal height specified in accordance with Section 157-11 of the Township Code, or any subsequent amendment thereto: or

    • At a height matching the adjoining curb where such curb has a minimum reveal of at least three inches (3")

    • New curbs shall be designed to transition disparate heights gradually; a maximum sloped elevation change from the adjoining property line shall be no greater than 3/4 inches per lineal foot as measured from the edge of the property line.

    Application for Certificate Links:
    Certificate of Use and Occupancy Fees

    New Construction : $50.00

    Nonresidential & Multifamily Dwelling : $100.00

    Change of Ownership/Occupancy

    - Applications received with more than 30 days processing time: $75.00/unit

    - Applications received with less than 30 days processing time: $105.00/unit

    - Applications received with less than 10 days processing time: $175.00/unit

    - Applications received with less than 5 days processing time: $300.00/unit

    Each Re-Inspection: $35.00

    Zoning Certification Letter $100.00